New Piermont Sensation: O Lar

PIERMONT, NY – O Lar (which means “hearth”) might be the best new restaurant to hit Rockland County and a smart business move for owners Miguel and chef James. It’s Piermont’s new best friend and the “coziest” atmosphere you will find, but be prepared to see your friends… and your enemies. After all, Piermont is a very small town with a big mouth and this restaurant is not much bigger than a closet!

I have been going to O Lar since the first day it opened, before it went on a brief hiatus due to personal issues. Since that day, when I had the chance to experience Miguel’s “everything’s made in the moment” philosophy (that is a direct quote from the owner Miguel himself – who lives in Closter – with 20 years of restaurant experience owning prior establishments throughout New York City and Forest Hills, Queens), I have been back well over a dozen times.

Yes, it’s still a newborn, so forgive the long waits, sometimes slow service, but understand and learn a thing or two from a restaurant that demonstrates pure passion for the food it creates.

O Lar represents world passion with a “no rules” attitude.

I recall Miguel talking to me about sailing trips he would go on throughout Spain and Italy, bringing back elements of the local food and sharing fare. Try the Spanish fries, an “Iberian favorite,” and you will see what I mean, served in a torn brown paper bag.

The mission statement at the bottom of the O Lar menu sums up the place quite well:

In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas and returned to Spain with the tomato plant. In 1596 it was exported to Italy. In 1889, Rafael Esposito used tomato, mozzarella, and basil on pizza dough to represent the Italian flag. Queen Margherita loved it so much that he named it in her honor. Our oven at o lar allows the tradition of the Neapolitan artisans, who used stone and volcanic soil to build an oven designed to cook at 1000 degrees, making a perfect pizza in 90 seconds. In the Galician dialect of northwest Spain, o lar means “hearth” or “home.” Just as the hearth was the heart of the ancient home, so is our hearth the heart of o lar.

O Lar makes all their pasta homemade, unlike most of the Italian restaurants in Rockland County. The menu is a harmonious blend of Mediterranean flare and simple Italian cooking, often times employing fine ingredients of Spanish cuisine. One of the unique highlights happens to be the flatbread pizza. The O Lar hearth heats over 1000 degrees and cooks a flatbread pizza in 90 seconds (as well as the dessert nutella pies).

Bacalao fritters.

Spanish fries, an "Iberian favorite".

"Nudi," with brown sugar butter and sage.

Linguine & clams with pancetta and cherry peppers.

Nutella panna cotta.

Since there really are no rules, ask for a sampler of multiple items. The pappardelle pasta is to die for, hand pressed with mint and finished with a lamb shank ragout. The bacalao fritters, linguine with clams, pancetta & cherry peppers, and nudi (naked ravioli) appetizer are noteworthy must-try dishes. Finish your meal with a nutella panna cotta and a hand-crafted triple layer cappuccino. Tell Mike “the food snob” sent you!

O Lar makes you feel at home, as the name implies, and can become your second kitchen without the need to cook. Forget about white glove service- head to Xavier’s if that’s your bag. Instead, reach over to the table next to you and try the gnochetti in truffle oil!

Jung from Piermont Wine & Spirits is certainly happy and thriving as O Lar is still BYOB, not for long though, as I am told we can expect a rotating list of affordable wines and craft monk beers.

My advice… call ahead!





O Lar
(845) 848-2207
587 Piermont Ave
Piermont, NY 10968